We are asking ourselves daily – is it this, or that? The administration of Hardin-Simmons is sending mixed messages in many ways, both in word and deed. The below infographic was developed to give a visual representation of numerous public statements and actions in recent months and years that ring contradictory in nature. How can you claim transparency and openness, yet outright refuse to meet with many concerned graduates and donors? Is it acceptable to cherry-pick numbers that support the “official” narrative while neglecting other irrefutable evidence to the contrary? Whatever this way of leadership is, it does not point to the Better Way Forward for HSU.

HSU’s administration needs to set the record straight, and clarify why so many of their own statements and actions seem contradictory. Until they do, we are left to wonder – is it this, or that?

this or that - The HSU administration send mixed signals daily that make us ask, "is it this or that?"

This past week, both President Eric Bruntmyer and Board of Trustee Chair Laura Moore declined to meet with the Logsdon Alumni Council and also the leadership team of Save Hardin-Simmons. How can the university function if the current leadership will not have a single conversation with a concerned and hurting alumni group, or a group of concerned alumni and donors representing a movement with over 1,200 people?

Do you have your own “this or that” example – something about which the administration and/or trustees have been sending mixed signals? If so, please share in the comments below. Since the president and trustee chair do not want to hear from concerned constituents, please feel free to list your concerns and observations here for them to publicly read.

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