Yesterday the Save-HSU leadership team consulted the published 2020 BGCT Book of Reports and noticed that HSU’s financial information was absent. Naturally, Save-HSU took what was printed in the Book of Reports as a factual representation of what HSU’s administration submitted in its annual report to the BGCT. Save-HSU updated yesterday’s statement as new information was provided to us. Below is a statement for further clarification.

Yesterday evening, HSU Trustee Drue Pounds shared factual information with Save-HSU’s leadership that the BGCT was given the financial summary statement from HSU and failed to print it in their annual Book of Reports. We were also told that the CFO of the BGCT issued a public apology for the omission to HSU and messengers of this year’s meeting.

Save-HSU acknowledges Pounds factual claims that the BGCT had the report all along. Our team based initial conclusions and questions on the BGCT’s incomplete Book of Reports. Thankfully, the omission of the financial information Hardin-Simmons sent to the BGCT came to light and the BGCT corrected the document.

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